Ask a Terrier: What’s Bugging Budleigh?

Dear Budleigh,

In a recent column you mentioned eating spiders, which got me thinking, “Ewwww!”

It also got me thinking about recent video of a spider the size of a dinner plate—a dinner plate!—observed in the Amazon rainforest of Peru. It blatantly killed and ate an opossum as though perfectly aware of YouTube.

Now I’m worried that legions of dinner plate-sized spiders are rapidly reproducing, then headed our way. And frankly, there ain’t a Wall big enough!

As you’re comfortable with a certain level of spiders, any advice on where I should hide?

Warmest regards,

Cowering Behind the Furnace, Burlington, VT

Friday, July 5, 2019

Dear Coward,

In typical Giant fashion you’ve reacted to overblown reports of “spiders the size of dinner plates” before asking, “Who’s dinner?”

I spend a lot of time close to the ground and know that all spiders are the size of dinner plates if you get close enough. Conversely, coyotes are tiny when they’re waaay over there. Giant scientists refer to this phenomenon as, “I don’t get it either.” Then they avoid uncomfortable questions by moving their research to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest where cell phone reception is poor. And spiders are the size of dinner plates.

<strong>Essential equipment for rainforest scientists is a precisely calibrated dinner plate.</strong>
Essential equipment for rainforest scientists is a precisely calibrated dinner plate.
Among those scientists hiding in the rainforest was the University of Michigan team of biologists that encountered this rare, gigantic spider of the infraorder Mygalomorphae (Latin for, “Are you shitting me?”) This appears to be the first documented case of a spider eating an opossum, which while historic didn’t brighten the opossum’s day. The scientists admit they were lucky to come across this encounter. Also lucky they were not opossums.

This might not be politically correct to say since I don’t know what a “politically” is, but, You Go, rare, gigantic Peruvian Mygalomorph!

Out of fear, ignorance, and revulsion, many Giants disparage spiders as though they were coworkers. This might be due to spiders’ extravagant number of appendages, although frankly they’ve no more legs than two dogs running side by side. I think it more a matter of the way spiders strut. Especially the big ones – like they’re top of the card on a WWE pay per view.

“That’s right! That’s right!” they bluster. “I’m a predator! And your girlfriend’s ugly! C’mon, you wanna’ get some?”

Nobody wants a piece of that. Certainly not opossums.

As a predator myself legally recognized in 23 states and the District of Columbia, I can respect, even admire spiders – from the gigantic Mygalomorph due to its cunning, down to the common household arachnoid because they’re so tasty.

So, my Mygalomorph brethren, should you plan to emigrate I offer in the language of your homeland, “Vaya con carne!”

But be warned, amigo: I, too, am the size of a dinner plate.



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8 thoughts on “Ask a Terrier: What’s Bugging Budleigh?

  1. Even though I’m not an opposum and I don’t play one on TV, I’m cowering behind the furnace. Oh wait, I live in a Maine forest, not a rain forest. I should be good to go. But ewww!

    1. Budleigh says:

      “‘Good to go,’ you say. Glad to hear from a Giant reader who uses trees properly.”

  2. I’ve found dinner plates to be a mite crunchy for my taste, unless they’re the paper variety, and nothing is less tasteful then paper dinner plates. Now, a spider the size of an iron skillet, especially if the skillet is full of fresh liver and onions — that’s a spider I’d want to be friends with.

    1. Burleigh says:

      “See, readers? John gets it! Clearly, he’s a dog. And a GOOD dog! Odd name, though. Was your Giant being ironic? We dogs don’t get irony. Makes our heads hurt. And our snouts. “

  3. I myself have always used saucers as a size reference, for personal reasons. Those reasons being there are no cup sizes small enough to fit my personal “chestal region.” I imagine that’s more info than you bargained for as a terrier. Well, in closing, I’ll just quote my upper thighs’ motto and say, “The only good spider is a spider vein.”

    1. Budleigh says:

      “Actually I understand your cup/saucer dilemma. My friend Daisy the Afghan Hound just whelped a litter. Unlike you Giants, one lady dog would need plenty of cups and saucers to fit her…uh…needs. Like enough to serve coffee to the entire weekly book club, if you know what I mean. Or is that more info that YOU bargained for?”

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