Two Award-winning Humorists. Two Wildly Funny Books.

Author Dave Jaffe and his wife rescued a terrier, although why anyone would is beyond them.

Author Lee Gaitan’s father died, her mother teetered on the brink of a coma and her husband of 22 years secretly lost all their money and ran off with a stripper. And then the year—and decade—got bad.

Laugh and cry with these two award-winning humorists as they careen through life offering insights on everything from shattered dreams to lamppost pees.

From the depths of despair, Lee Gaitan was able to chronicle her journey back to hope and love in her award-winning book My Pineapples Went to Houston: Finding the Humor in My Dashed Hopes, Broken Dreams and Plans Gone Outrageously Awry.

Now, with a second edition of My Pineapples Went to Houston (HumorOutcasts Press, 2021), Gaitan offers new insights into facing challenges and what it takes to bounce back from them because as we all know, life is never short on challenges.

Dave Jaffe’s multiple award-winning book Sleeping between Giants: Life, If You Could Call It That, With A Terrier. Book I: Budleigh, the Early Year was named Winner of the 2021 International Book Awards for Humor and the Indies Today 2019 Best Humor Book Award.

Sleeping between Giants explores the highly successful, though often confusing relationship between Canines and their Giants through essays and cartoons created by the author and drawn from his national award-winning blog.

Newly-adopted Budleigh bonds quickly with his Giants Dave and Denise, and as their first shelter dog, proves no more a challenge than if they’d both pursued medical degrees. He is more a challenge to, say, half a loaf of cornbread left on the table in a dark kitchen. But who could blame Budleigh? The streets taught him that talk is cheap, life is tough, and you don’t get much cornbread.

Sleeping between Giants offers great wisdom about life, liberty, and the pursuit of rabbits from Budleigh, his older co-dog Brisby, Nature’s Perfect Schnoodle, and a host…well, pack of dog park locals.

They’ve much to teach us. Besides the best spots to poop!

The perfect holiday gifts of humor for family, friends, or book club!