Did you enjoy Sleeping between Giants?

typewriter-resizedOh, really? Well, sorry.

Then probably you won’t like Dave Jaffe’s other humor columns any better, like those from Write Good!: The Blog, HumorOutcasts, Chicago Parent Magazine, National Lampoon, and others.

Chockablock with the kind of satiric and mirthful commentary that often lead to him getting punched, Dave’s columns explore everything that has to do with words and, if there’s time, everything that doesn’t.

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OK, here are a few pieces that Dave wrote years ago. Now you can dislike him when he was younger.

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From Write Good!: The Blog

April 2021
Climate Summit Ponders Gas Emissions, Accuses U.S. of Ripping One

October 2016
Explosive Trump Recalled by Samsung

May 2015
With Birth of Royal, Thrilled Americans Ask, “So Is She, Like, Queen, or What?”

August 2013
Acknowledgement of Area 51 Existence Enrages Facility’s Freakishly Oblong, Multi-limbed Civil Servants

from Chicago Parent Magazine

October 2009
Coping with the Candy, Costumes and Carving of All Hallow’s Eve

September 2009
A Tale of Toys, Spiders and Transformers

August 2009
Moving Ratings Madness!