Sleeping between Giants Book 2
Ask a Terrier:
Professional Advice from a Licensed Dog

Available in Softcover and EBook

Budleigh Speaks! More or Less...

Winner of the 2021 International Book Awards for Humor and the Indies Today 2019 Best Humor Book Award, author Dave Jaffe’s first book, Sleeping Between Giants: Life, If You Could Call It That, With A Terrier, explored the highly successful, though often confusing relationship between Giants and Canines.

In that book, we were introduced to Budleigh, a young terrier who had ended up in a shelter after his arrest by police in Waukegan, Illinois, on charges of vagrancy, loitering, and panhandling, which were false, and of being a homeless dog, which was true.

Adopted by author Dave Jaffe and his wife, this cunning, intelligent, and fleetingly thoughtful, Canine was proof of those old adages, “Smart as a Terrier” and “Did he break the skin?”

In this sequel – Sleeping between Giants, Book 2 – Ask a Terrier: Professional Advice from a Licensed Dog – Budleigh, the Terrier with ‘Tude, is back; this time dispensing crucial advice to Giants and Canines on everything from space travel and sniffing Covid, to giving a TED Talk and shopping for purses.

As one reviewer wrote, “Budleigh is the Dear Abby of pooches. Or maybe Dear Abby is the Budleigh of advice columnists.”

Through essays and cartoons created by the author, learn what’s going on in the mind of your Canine and why it’s just as odd as what going on in yours.