Ask a Terrier: Wake Up and Smell the COVID!

Dear Budleigh,

Am I to understand that dogs are being trained to sniff out COVID-19? Has anyone explained this to the dogs? While there is no evidence that dogs can catch and spread the virus, this begs the question: Is there evidence that dogs can catch and spread the virus?

How far along is this research? Who’s conducting it? Are the brave trainees being rewarded with more than a click and a treat? Maybe a steak sandwich?

Please post your thoughts soon. Better yet, call me, since I try not to touch the computer keyboard. Or anything else.

Be well,

Jason in the Basement Behind the Furnace Under a Plastic Tarp

Monday, June 1, 2020


Dear J. Bbfupt,

You’re referring, I’m sure, to the recent pilot study at the University of Helsinki in which Finnish scientists are deploying a randomized, double-blind study to determine if canines can scent a specific olfactory signature of the novel coronavirus in the effluvium of test subjects’ secretions.

Like many of my readers, I was unclear on a couple of these concepts, such as Helsinki, Finnish, deploy, randomized, double-blind, scent, olfactory, novel, effluvium, test subjects, secretions, and Bbfupt.

However, my unpaid college intern Per Se is majoring in reading with a minor in several interesting numbers. He prepared a concise presentation to explain this study using hand puppets, some of which I chewed up because, sadly, they contained squeakers.

As I understand it, certain diseases in Giants present a specific olfactory signature (SQUEAK-y!)…a specific olfactory signature that trained dogs (SQUEAK-y! Squeak-SQUEAK-y!)…trained dogs can sniff out with amazing accuracy.


Canines’ ability to smell is millions of times better than Giants. Some diseases present certain volatile organic compounds. Trained dogs can detect those subtle VOCs in patients’ blood, saliva, and urine.

These are a few of my favorite things!

Learning to sniff out COVID-19,
many trainee dogs insist on following their own protocols.
The Finnish study indicates that COVID-19 might also give off VOCs that can be detected by dogs trained as medical diagnostic assistants, yet denied those cool white lab coats. With little difficulty, trainee dogs were able to distinguish between urine samples from COVID-19 patients and healthy subjects.

No surprise here. We’re very practiced with the pee.

Scientists worldwide are furthering these tests by deploying their own randomized, double-blind studies—a process by which trainee dogs are blindfolded, researchers are blindfolded, then they all stumble around the laboratory bumping into expensive equipment and breaking glassware until Science happens!

To hasten results, I conducted my own field tests. In an actual field, that being the dog park.

BUDLEIGH: “OK, everyone! Take a last drink at the water bowl, then bring your sticks and tennis balls over here so we can get started.”

BRISBY THE SCHNOODLE (Budleigh’s co-dog): “I know him! Hi, Budleigh!”

BUDLEIGH: “We’ve a guest lecturer today who’ll be discussing how he trained to smell the pandemic.”

BRISBY: “You go, Budleigh! (Whispers excitedly) Budleigh’s my roomie!”

BUDLEIGH: “From the University of Helsinki, let me introduce…Bleu. Did I pronounce that right? ‘Bleu?’”

BLOODHOUND: “Just ‘Blue.’”

BUDLEIGH: “Let’s give Blue a warm dog park welcome!”

(Barks, howls, some tennis ball shaking.)

BLOODHOUND: “Thank you! So, I get to smell pee. Sometimes the Science Giant gives me a cookie. I’ll take questions now.”

CAIRN TERRIER: “I thought your name was COVID.”

BLOODHOUND: “No, it’s Blue. COVID is the pandemic.”

CAIRN TERRIER: “So you’re not 19?”

BLOODHOUND: “I’m two.”

CAIRN TERRIER: (Muttering) “I’ve gotta read the brochures better.”

GREYHOUND: “Where do you keep Helsinki? Can I run there?”

BLOODHOUND: “Well, I was in a box the whole way here. But I think it’s pretty far.”

GREYHOUND: “OK! Never mind.” (Curls up, falls asleep.)

GOLDEN RETRIEVER: “I’m a Retriever. I retrieve. Do you bleed?”

BLOODHOUND: “No, I smell. Professionally.”

BRITISH BULLDOG: “So, this COVID? Bet it smells like chicken!”

PORTUGUESE WATER DOG: “You say everything smells like chicken.”

BRITISH BULLDOG: “And you drink too much water! That can’t be healthy.”

PORTUGUESE WATER DOG: “What’s with your face?”

BRITISH BULLDOG: “It’s supposed to look like this! I’m British!”

PORTUGUESE WATER DOG: “Well, I’m part Portuguese, part water! Do we have a problem?”

(Barks, howls, more tennis ball shaking.)

BLOODHOUND: “If there are no more questions, can I have my check?”


Had enough of Budleigh and his Giants? No? Then check out our new book, Sleeping between Giants, Book I: Budleigh, the Early Year.

8 thoughts on “Ask a Terrier: Wake Up and Smell the COVID!

  1. Oh, thank goodness Bleu (or Blue if you want to anglicize) and Budleigh (or Bud-Lee, if you want to make it about me, which I recommend) are on it. Forget the doom and gloom forecasts, we are win over COVID by a nose!

    1. Thanks, Lee! And honestly, isn’t the internet all about you? If not, it should be! Thanks for reading! dj

  2. All I can say is that if Budleigh were in the White House instead of Trump, this country would probably be in much better shape.

    1. Actually, Roz, in discussions with a close group of Canine advisers, Budleigh is quietly weighing a possible bid for Alpha.

      OK, not quietly. There’s some snarling. A lot! Please don’t alert the media!

  3. Hey Budleigh🐺Schnapps here. Doesn’t anyone remember Sherlock Holmes? Bloodhounds were bred to sniff blood samples, footprints, as well as other odors! Blue should know this. At least bloodhounds could be used for covid testing!! Look at the money to be saved on swabs and needles! Forget about those double
    blind studies, already. Your friend, Schnapps.

    1. Budleigh sez:

      Thanks, Schnapps! Interestingly, after his lecture, Blue and I debriefed over drinks. Well, over the toilet bowl. My Giant left the seat up. Blue agrees with you. Especially if that money saved is directed toward ongoing medical research that is bacon-flavored.

      Thanks for reading. Or having read to you.


  4. Can Budleigh just sniff me already? I’ve been waiting 8 days for my test results and I think that’s too long. Budleigh could do it in about ten seconds, I think. Do i have to pee in a cup or pee on the ground?

      Budleigh sez:

      “As a professional licensed dog, Lori, I maintain regular walk-in hours in my office at the end of the backyard under the overgrown bushes adjacent to the wilting garden beside the utility pole. For the protection of others, please wear a face mask or, if you’re off leash, a muzzle.”

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