Godzilla vs. Kong vs. Budleigh

Ask a Terrier: Just How Infra is Our Structure?

They paved Paradise / And put up a… a…

What did they put up?

Budleigh laments.

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Keep Quiet and Let Me Do All the Growling

Truth or Tariffs

The Trouble with Tariffs

Net effect

Taxing strategy

Take four knees!


Pet Safety for the End of the World

Dog owners are worried about how best to protect their pets against the upcoming Great American Eclipse – an astronomical event described by President Trump’s handpicked climate and science advisor as, “When the huge, flying Sky Serpent swallows the Fiery Sun Goddess.”

Gimme shelter!

Who will bark for the voiceless?


Executive ordering dogs around


Better fed than Red!


“We kinda welcome the media!”


Opinion(s): How the Dogs Are Voting

When it comes to political campaigns, dogs pay no attention to the news media, except for Wolf Blitzer whose name, they complain, is misleading.

“But what can one dog do?” (Heh! He said ‘dog do’.)