Dog Park Canines Agog Over Book Award!


(Chicago) Canine regulars at dog parks nationwide are abuzz that Sleeping between Giants Book 2, Ask a Terrier: Professional Advice from a Licensed Dog is the winner of a prestigious 17th Annual National Indie Excellence® Awards (NIEA).

“What an achievement!” slobbered Rocky the Boxer on hearing the news. “Do I get a num-num?”

Sleeping between Giants Book 2 by Dave Jaffe and featuring Budleigh, the Terrier with ‘Tude, is the sequel to the multiple national award-winning book Sleeping between Giants: Life, If You Could Call It That, With A Terrier. SbG Book 2 won the NIEA Animals & Pets category.

According to the NIEA, established in 2005, “Entrants are meticulously judged by experts from various disciplines of the industry including publishers, editors, authors, and book designers. Winning titles are determined on the basis of superior written content coupled with the various elements that comprise all the information in a published product.”

In Sleeping between Giants Book 2, Budleigh is back! And this time, he’s dispensing crucial advice to Giants and Canines on everything from space travel and sniffing Covid, to giving a TED Talk and shopping for purses.

A darling of the local dog park circuit, news of Budleigh’s win – and to a lesser degree, Dave Jaffe’s – has been greeted with howls of approval:

BORDER COLLIE: “Announcement! Everybody, gather ‘round! C’mon, no stragglers! Tighten up that side!”

PUG: (Muttering) “She’s such a herder!”

BORDER COLLIE: “What’s that you say?”

PUG: “Uh . . . I said, ‘We heard you.’”

BORDER COLLIE: (To all) “Announcement! A major award has been won by our fellow Canine Budleigh! And to a lesser degree, his Giant, Dave Jaffe.”

(Quizzical looks. Some scratching. A little drool.)

CHOW CHOW: “Which one is Budleigh?”

LABRADOR RETRIEVER: “You know; the terrier?”

CHOW CHOW: (Long pause) “Am I a terrier?”

PUG: “No! You’re stupid! And heavily interbred!”

GOLDEN RETRIEVER: “OK, let’s all just settle down and keep the peace.”

PIT BULL: “You’re such a goodie-goodie!”

GOLDEN RETRIEVER: (Snarling) “Oh yeah? YEAH!? How’d you like to be retrieved?”

PIT BULL: “Bring it, bitch!”

BORDER COLLIE: “Order! Order! Let’s all just take a step … well, four steps back. We’re all friends here—”

ROTTWEILER: “—Not me!”

BORDER COLLIE: “Yes, yes! We aaall know, not you. Look, fellow pack, the point is that Budleigh, one of our own, has won a huge award! Such an achievement brings us all honor and praise and glory!”

ROXY THE BOXER: “—And num-nums?”

BORDER COLLIE: “With any luck!”

Winner of the 2021 International Book Awards for Humor and the Indies Today 2019 Best Humor Book Award for SbG Book 1, Dave Jaffe’s work also has appeared in a wide range of outlets, from HumorOutcasts, HuffPost and WGN TV to National Public Radio, Chicago Parent, and The National Lampoon. His humor columns and commentary have been honored with first-place awards from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, the Peter A. Lisagor awards from the Chicago Headline Club, and the Parenting Publications of America Gold Award for Humor.

Book details:

Title: Sleeping between Giants Book 2

Subtitle: Ask a Terrier: Professional Advice from a Licensed Dog

Author: Dave Jaffe

Category: Humor; Pets; Advice

ISBN Print: 978-1-7341925-2-0

ISBN E-book: 978-1-7341925-3-7


Publisher: Cray-Cray Publishing

Media contact: or


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