What is “dog” backwards, again?

Hi, Budleigh.

I recently attended a Blessing of the Animals at a nearby church with my basset, Grimace. My wife is Catholic, I was raised Jewish, my son says he’s an atheist, and my daughter just insists she’s for Bernie Sanders.

So what religion are dogs? Did we only confuse Grimace? He seemed to enjoy the service, except for a parrot that scared him. Appreciate your thoughts!

Best, Religiously Challenged

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dear RC,

What religion are dogs? That’s a question I get a lot.

I’ve been told – and firmly believe – that “dog” backwards is “god”. I’ve also heard that “terrier” backwards is “god”. Oh, and “cheese” backwards? Also “god”.

I have faith that these are all true, because I can’t spell. Not even sure what “spell” is. But I do know this: parrots are nuts! And scary!

Don’t worry about Grimace. He seems spiritually grounded. I’m a bit concerned about your family, though.


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