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November was generous to Sleeping between Giants. Our book was honored with two new awards. And we did not catch Covid!

Sleeping between Giants, Book I was selected as an Independent Author Network 2020 Book of the Year winning finalist in the category “Humor/Comedy/Satire.”

And the American Book Fest 2020 Best Book Awards honored Sleeping between Giants, Book I as a finalist in its “Humor” category.

So, it is with deepest humility and respect that I respond, “How can I market this?”

Wait! Isn’t right now some big gift-giving season? And wouldn’t copies of the multiple award-winning (four, so far!) Sleeping between Giants, Book I: Budleigh, the Early Year look lovely nestled beneath your (Insert applicable holiday symbol here.)

Book I in soft cover and eBook is available direct from the SbG website or through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Apple Books, and other book retailers.

Buy direct from SbG and add a personal message signed by the author, who we happen to know. Add your message here.

Be well. Stay safe! Best of the season to you and yours!

Dave, Budleigh and the SbG pack.

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