Sleeping between Giants:
Life, If You Could Call It That, With A Terrier
Book I: Budleigh, the Early Year

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Meet the Giants and Who's Sleeping Between Them

Humorist Dave Jaffe and his wife rescued a terrier, although why anyone would is beyond them.

Cunning, intelligent, and fleetingly thoughtful, Budleigh, this young, very social, black-and-white, cow-eyed terrier, was proof of those old adages, “Smart as a terrier” and “Did he break the skin?”

Budleigh bonded quickly with his Giants 1 & 2 and as their first shelter dog, proved no more a challenge than if they’d both pursued medical degrees. He was more a challenge to, say, half a loaf of cornbread left on the table in a dark kitchen. But who could blame Budleigh? The streets taught him that talk is cheap, life is tough, and you don’t get much cornbread.

Through essays, cartoons, and comic strips created by the author and drawn from his national award-winning blog, Sleeping between Giants, learn about the highly successful, though often confusing relationship between Canines and Giants. Great wisdom is offered by Budleigh, his older co-dog Brisby, Nature’s Perfect Schnoodle, and a host…well, pack of dog park locals.

They’ve much to teach us. Besides the best spots to poop!