The Latest Dirt on Dog Germs

Dear Budleigh,

Should I be worried about germs tracked in by my dirty dog? A recent story in the New York Times cites research that dogs bring an array of micro-organisms into our overly-scrubbed homes that may actually be salutary to helping us stave off a number of illnesses by strengthening our autoimmune system. If true, our Newfoundland, Greta, will be much relieved! She worries so.

Thanks for your thoughts. Ingrid G.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dear Ingrid G.,

“Salutary”? Don’t know that word, but if it means “with sauce”, then I agree!

My Giants are avid readers of the New York Times, and, of course, as a puppy I often peed on it. So I’m well familiar with the high quality and absorbency of that paper’s content. And their story spotlights a major controversy: Should a travel ban be placed on micro-organisms seeking to enter our homes.

As I understand it from the Yelly Giant, immigration across our threshold is restricted for micro-orgs from several regions. Those vicinities are:
• The dirt pile I dug by the garden trellis
• The dirt pile I dug by the roof down spout
• The dirt pile I dug between the trellis and the down spout
• Iran
• Where I killed that bunny
• Where I killed that other bunny
• Where they suspect a chipmunk was killed, but nothing was ever proved.

<b>Some dogs track in dirt inadvertently. Others make it their career.</b>
Some dogs track in dirt inadvertently. Others make it their career.
While Giants often complain about germs, I welcome them. Especially the ones with sauce. For germs, which are just micro-orgs without any formal education, life is hard. Jobs are scarce and poop is limited.

As a formerly homeless terrier, I too knew hardship until my Giants took me in and learned to cater to my every whim. That’s why I sponsor so much dirt in my house. Clinging to it are teeming multitudes of germs yearning to benefit me and do what I want.

So I urge you to teach your germs, as I have mine, to live by the words of that great American Terrier folk song: “This land is your laaaand….This land is my laaaand…

“Well, mostly my laaaand!”


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6 thoughts on “The Latest Dirt on Dog Germs

  1. OMG, I’m snorting spaghetti salutary out my nose. Fortunately, my lab mix is faster than any Swiffer at cleaning up spatters. Great advice, Budleigh!

    1. That’s not funny, Lee! I’ve accidentally eaten my share of Swiffers. OK, not accidentally. Also, not an ideal source of fiber. Budleigh

  2. That reminds me of another famous terrior folk song, Budleigh:
    “Teach your microbes well.
    Their doggies’ dirt did slowly grow by,
    And feed them on your fear
    The one they pick, the one you’ll bestow (or is that beast toe)????”

    1. So beautiful, Molly! I’d cry, except in dogs that’s only indicative of an allergic reaction or possible eye infection. Thanks for sharing, though. Budleigh

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